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First of all i must say I loved the sled. I rode 250 km with my 5 year old on with take all of this with a grain of salt.....

10 gallon tank a must......5 gallon is a pain

350 mains are too straight line acceleration, lots of corner to corner speed. it rocks on the trail form 20-60 going to buy some 330's and give that a try. it was -12-18 and it was not good.. need to lean it out a bit
I got my butt handed to me in a race with a 2006 contest...but i dont care....
the shocks are harder than rocks so dont ride with your 5 year old on muskoka trails unless you have a maniac kid.......mine was screaming woohooo..for most of the day

reverse would be nice but the darn thing is so light i can pick it up like its nothing
the 1.75 inch track is great for slow speeds but not for lake running...
seat is great for riding hard
the cool factor is out there too. because i didnt see one othe 440 rev on the trail...

lastly this is the best trail sled i have ever owned. coner to corner, big bumps...and the track digs like nuts...i rode a 600 hosdi -x for 200 km last weekend and i hated it..this sled made me smile. I had a bm800 for 2.5 years and thought i loved that sled. i didnt!. This one will kick its butt..I wouldnt want this sled for big wide trails like up north in sudbury, or cochrane but for the trails i ride in mukoka and orangeville area i wouldnt trade it.

best sled i ever owned. cant wait to tweak it.
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