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i was looking for a way to add a bit or high to my bars and i thought of this way

the i got 4 new bolts from my dads worke that were hardend and i got him to get my a wack load of washers and manged to add 1 inch of rise.


remove center black can

undo the 2 plugs

un do the 4 stock bolt that hold everythign 2gether

take to new long bolts and add washer to them to the amount of ride u want then take some electire tape and tape up the washer to hold them 2gether ( do this wit all for of them

talke the washer that r taped up off the bolt

put everythgin back 2gether but when u put the peice of alumin that looks liek a half moon that goes under the bar put the group of washed under it but on of the steerign plate that is black

i will get picture when i can

there is a peice of metal that stop u from rotating the bar 2 far foward if u go high enugfh u can get aroudn it

1 - 8 of 8 Posts