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Rode today from the Mountainview near Preble, NY. Tully had gotten between 8 and 12" of snow over the last few days. There's no base to speak of, but there had been some sled traffic which packed the existing snow down some and helped a lot. Went from Preble/Tully to lake Como (Lake Como Inn..nice place and a great little lake) then back and up to Song Mountain for lunch. From there up along Otisco Lake almost into Amber, NY. Snow cover was getting thin up here which surprised me. Some open water and mud here and there. Nothing terrible though. Did almost 70 miles. Plenty of snow on the hills and in the fields. A few guys we met said that heading north from Preble the trails were really good on the seasonals. Did some carving in the fields (carnage, you should have come along) and only saw 6 sleds all day. Not a bump in sight either...This is why I love riding Tully. Lots of fields to play in, traffic is non existant and even without grooming the trails are just perfect.

Bottomline is...cornfields are a little light, but this new snow is making a big difference. Up in the hills the snow is deep and fluffy, but getting packed down nicely. Some water spots, but worth the trip. Rev-Dude and I had a blast.

pics here:
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