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Getting ready to tear apart the sled. Some of you probley noticed from my other posts. But i am just making sure i get everything right when ordering. This is for a 97 formula 500. There are actually 3 bearings i should replace when putting in a new track. The upper chaincase bearing, and the front axle bearings on the outside and the chaincase side right? Or is there actually a fourth on the lower chaincase? I was thinking that the first three i listed were the only ones because dennis kirk only lists those 3 and says nothing about lower chaincase so i am thinking the chaincase side is actually the lower chaincase bearing.

And last i had several people tell me it would be good to drop one tooth on my top sprocket when adding the 1 1/4" track. How many teeth does the formula 500 have on the top sprocket so i can know how many i should have when i drop one tooth.

I could just wait and find out when i start ripping her apart but i would rather have all the parts ordered and here when i go to get started. I know the track will be here wed or thurs at the latest. and dennis kirk takes about two days so if i can get the parts ordered at least by wednesday i can get it all apart and back together by the end of the weekend.
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