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was wondering if anyone no of any recall for an 06 gade? Thanks for your help in advance ! !
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Recalls That would mean Brp would actually be acknowledging that they made something, or put something on a sled that was defective, I haven't seen them do that too often they mostly ignore problems so yeah good luck with that. The only problems I have read about is the front arm on the skid bolts coming loose but that can be cured by when you pull the skid either put on new bolts or use some loctite.
If I'm not mistaken there was a recall for some gades for the starter ring gear, that was a big one last year, covered most all models
The only recall I know of is the ring gear on the clutch. At high speed some have exploded. My dealer changed mine last winter.


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There was also one for "Steering Welds" on 06 models.
Never heard of the ring gear.
The steering welds you can check yourself. They have a diagram online you can refer to. Mine were fine.
I did get a call for the fuel map update in late december or early January.
Havent heard of any recalls. Pick up the latest issue of American snowmobiler. They love the REV and said of all their 06' test fleet sleds, the REV 600 ho sdi was one if not the only to not have any problems. That sould make you feel better.
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