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Are the shock on a 99 670 rebuildabel??

are all of them rebuildable? if not I was thinking of piggyback hpg's for the front off a 2002 mxzx. also are the rear shocks off that same as mine??

my shocks are shot.

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Yes, your shocks are rebuildable. The rear skid shocks from a ZX will work on your rear skid, EXCEPT for the C36 and C46 shocks.

I'm don't think you'll be able to use the ZX chassis MXZ front shocks on your HO. They'll be quite a bit longer and using them would allow your front suspension to drop out so far that you'd have a serious problem with scrub and bump steer. Also, the bodies on those shocks are so much longer that you would bottom the shocks WAY before your arms were nearing their full travel.

This summer I put longer FOX shocks on my wife's '97 583 and it made a MAJOR improvement in handling and bump absorption. The DSA Plus front end of the HO should be able to use the same ones for more travel without getting into geometry problems. PM me if you want the information and pics.
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