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I actually pushed Bruce to make thoe for me, I wanted ones for an 05 and he screwed up and made the 03/04 extension, turns out I bought a set of each, used one on my 05 build up and sold the other set to StarFox128 for his 03 600sdi build. We are both very happy with them and have had not problems. Everything on the 03/04 extensions is perfect, the 05 had one hole out of place and I had to drill one to replace it. Fit really nice, and I thought the price is right.

airman17 said:
I'm looking to convert my '03 440 into a 136 track and I was wondering if the rail extensions from tracks usa were any good and reliable. I don't want to buy anything junk so I need some real info. if you have it.

Thanks, Alex
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