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question on a set of gears

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im looking to order a set of 23-44 gears for my sled with a 72 link chain but im not sure what to do i had some confusion cuz i went to order it off but it asks if i want a 23tooth 11w or a 23tooth 13w... what does the w stand for? im assuming its width in centimeters but im not positive... i figured i should ask before i order the wrong one... the sled i own is a 96 formula 3 triple 600 am i gonna want the 13w or the 11w?

thanks to any helpers
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Its width in # of links. I believe all stockers or most are 13w

But to make sure, just count the numbers of links across the chain you want to run.
id like to make positive before i order them so if i can get one more guy to back what you say ima get them
yup.....number of plates in the chain
Number of links you'll be 13w
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