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powervalve and ring question

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I have a 05 800X powerteck. I Have 3500mi. on it. I just cleaned the powervalves. I ran amzoil intersepter oil. I dont have any pictures but I will explain the condition just wondering what you experts think I should do next. There was some carbon built up on the leading edge of the valves I used easy off oven cleaner to clean the valves and I noticed that on the bottom side of the valves the protective coating is wearing off and you can see the shiny aluminum. Is this normal will the valves be ok without the protective coating. I washed the oven cleaner off and sprayed with pam and the wipped exess off and reinstalled. Before I reinstalled valves I tried to look threw the valve slots with a mirror to check the condition of the rings. It was very hard to see but on the clutch side the ring looked lighter colored on the sides. Dark in the middle were the valve is and light gray or white on the sides. Is this normal. What should I do next. Should I do a compression test or a leak down test or should I pull the y pipe and inspect the rings better. If the rings look bad Can I replace rings by just pulling the head or do I need to pull the pistons completely. thanks for your expert advice. I am tying to be proactive I dont want this thing to explode in the middle of this season.
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