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2023 Lynx XTerrain 900R
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A fellow ‘toban! Lol. Been reading your feedback all season on your sled and never realized your “local” to myself . I have 22 xcr and ride that with my Poo friends still.


I’ve been loving my 23 rave and am really on the fence for next year.
1. Keep the 23
2. Move to the new platform in rave or xterrain
3. Make the “leap” to the 4 stroke as I’ve always wanted one without the nose heavy feel.

Anyways , I’ll message you to maybe get some insight on what youve liked about the sled and now moving back to the 850 (I believe that’s what you wrote prior?) for our local trail system. TIA.

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For sure, glad to help!

And yeah the Lynx lineup definitely leaves some gaping holes in it haha. A Rave 900r or Radien 2 Xterrain 900r would be awesome.... Maybe next year. I loved my 900r this year but after swapping over to a buddies Rave in Nopiming a few weeks ago, it helped me realize the change back to 850 won't be so bad.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts