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Well after the total wait for the 07's to start coming out, and becoming anti-doo daily the 07 Polaris IQ 600HO caught my eye. My dealer and good friend was to get the 07 sneak peek sled today from Polaris, so I drive down to take a look. Guess what Polaris lost the sled, it's not at the dealer and they have no clue where it's at. Boy 2007 looking bright for them already they can't even deliver a marketing sled on time, and worse can't find it. He said about 25 people already came to see it and it's a no-show good way to regain sales from a already skeptical market, last time I was at his shop a few reps where there, they asked why did you switch brands and what do you want from Polaris. They blew my answers and opinion away, said the IQ 440 is to much $$ to make a 600ho trail sled . My garage may be turning yamaha soon if I can afford it. I read many forums and asked many opinions from other owners to find my next sled, seems they all have some issues of some sort. The Polaris are eating belts, torque stops, crappy clutching, Yami's seem durable only a few problems, BUT at least the quality in the product is better. I cant see buying a 600ho MXZ-X for almost 10g and dumping 500-1000 to get the shocks decent, at least poo's can be had for around 7g, and the shocks are valved pretty darn good.
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