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If you ride or live (or planing a trip from out of state) in the Twin Cities south and west metro, please take the survey! below is the e-mail I got from the Farmington Sno-Tigers club...(slightly edited)

On Jul 9, 2013, at 11:12 AM, Farmington Sno-Tigers <[email protected]> wrote:

Good morning, This is very important to all snowmobilers. I have been informed by the Lakeville Club that the snowmobiling in the parks, Hanerhan in particular has been brought up again at the Three Rivers Park Board. The park board is looking for input from the citizens and the trail users. We have been told that if Hanerhan is closed to snowmobilers then Lakeville will close Ritter Farm as well thus cutting of our west connection. The meeting is in Jordan on July 11th. If you can't attend the meeting PLEASE do the survey on the park website. Here is how:
google Three Rivers park District
click on activities
click on the snowmobile icon
half way down the page is the link for the survey there are only a couple question and it costs nothing except the loss of our trails if we do not take the time to let the park board know that we are a group with a passion for the sport of snowmobiling.
PLEASE take the time to let your voices be heard. Ken and I have already done the survey he my even ask at the meeting if our club took the time to do the survey.
thanks for listening to my rant.
Below is a link that will take you directly to the snowmobiling page. Then look in the Public Feedback Opportunity paragraph for the embedded green link that says "online survey". Takes less than five minutes!

Thanks for the help, Chuck
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