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Heres the pics and the part numbers of the stuff you need to setup your helmet for 2 way radios. This is the setup for motorola vox enabled radios like the T5720 model. The parts I used are from radio shack. The vox 2-Way Radio Hands-Free Headset pn#21-1897 is $25 and you get the speakers from the Lightweight Mono Headphones pn#20-210b which is $15. Here's the walkthrough of what I did.


First take the rubber ring off of the ear bud on the hands free headset and pry out the ear bud from the plastic mount. Next un-solder the two wires from the back of the ear bud. Now undo the knot they have tied in the wire to keep it from pulling out of the mount. Pull the wires out of the mount after undoing the knot.


Take the padding off from around one of the speakers on the mono headphones. You will see three black tabs on the face of it. Pry the tabs back through the plastic so you can expose the backside of the speaker. Now un-solder the two wires from the speaker. Save the headphones for the other speaker when you want to make another helmet setup.


Take the speaker from the headphones and solder the two wires from the hands free headset that you removed the ear bud from to the speaker. Now install it in your helmet. I use a modular helmet so the pics show how I installed mine. Depending on your helmet, you may have to place the mic differently. I cut a slit in my foam on the front of the jaw so I could slide part of the gator clip into it to hold the mic. I then opened the jaw to the maximum open position to set my wire length to the mic. Also remove the ear pad that is snapped on to place the wires under it and run the wire that will connect to your 2 way radio under it. I coiled the extra speaker wire up under the headliner and slid the speaker under the liner also. Use the photos to help see where I placed them.

This will save you some major bucks! I have $125 into this with the radios which is much cheaper than the $460 it would cost for two collett comms. Plus the range is WAY better!

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