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Was at Mason Lake at 8:00 Am...

Unloaded, met George (handle is cederriverhunter I think)

Headed in.

Mason Lake Road was flat and fast with occasional bumps.

Once we turned right at the lower T it became much bumpier. No sign of recent grooming.

Pillisbury dead ender was great!

First tracks on that trail.

Up to some other dead enders.

Potash was by far the best. Some nice drifting snow.

I would say there was at most 4 to 6 up top..But since it was lake effect much of it has settled and blown away. Just enough to make things nice.

On our way back down we passed the groomer. A very good sign.

All in all very rideable, but more snow would be nice. 40 miles and home by 11:00

I did not try any trail outside of perkings. I would assume mud/water holes are common and thin base in many areas. But the good news is perkings is a go!

I also got to try out my homemade shock covers. Not bad for 5 bucks huh. All black now. Maybe I should take the reflector off

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