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I just dumped a lot of dough into my old sled and the motor blew last weekend. I am ready for a REV!

I have not even pulled the heads off the motor, but I was cruising down the river about 40 MPH and it just started to knock a little then I heard a squeal and it shut down. It still turns over pretty freely. It did not get hot, no oil light.

Here are the details.
1996 Formula III
Approx 3000 miles.
Engine has never been apart.
I put a new black belly pan on it last year.
Yamaha USI plastic skis with red loops and 6" carbides.
Dyno Port can and stock exhaust avail.
New track 400 miles ago.( track was bought as a new take off from a Mach Z 1" lug.
144 Studs with aluminum backers.
Brand new windshield.
Team ski doo cover.

I just installed a 2001 M-10 rear skid with Ohlins remote resevoir shocks. It was used 1 season by the guy I bought it from and had been sitting on a shelf until I installed it 2 weeks ago. I bought a brand new mount kit and have the templates and books and spanner wrenches for it. I also have the cross shafts to put it into an older Polaris. Rails are bare aluminum, arms and wheels are purple. I have 1 set of extra hyfax.

Still have stock skid in good shape as well.

I have Fox shocks for the front end that I was going to put in this weekend. They were installed for one season according to the guy I bought them from.

Sled is in very good shape cosmetically. There are some stress cracks in the paint in the front of the hood and some small tears in the seat along the edges.

I would like to sell the whole sled , but will probably part it out.

Will sell M-10 for $650 without mount kit, $750 with mount kit.

Make offers on parts or whole sled.

I am located in Swanville, MN- Central, MN

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mudweiser said:
PM me what you need for the whole sled the way it is.......
Yah, I am also in Central Minnesota, Braham, (North of Cambridge 10 miles) I would also be interested in the whole sled
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