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Paint the front frame module

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Hello all.

Is there a specific reason why Ski-Doo is not painting front frame module of the sleds?
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Has anybody here painted this section of there sled? Is so, what type of paint did you use and did it held up well?
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I painted that area black on my 23 Freeride. Looks so much better. Holding up good. Have to look to see what paint I used
Any pictures of that?
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Very interesting might just pull out the old spray gun and get single stage urethane satin finish automotive paint.
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We used premium rust oleum satin black. Scuffed the aluminum up first to get it to stick better. Then put several coats of paint on.
How many milles did you put on it since painting-it and has how has the paint held-up?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts