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one last thing i need to no...

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i am putting a 800 mod into my 440 chassis on the back of the 440 engine there is a outlet, not sure wat its for .....on my 800 mod there is no plug is the spot were there is on the 440. do i need to have this on the 800 mod? Also what is it for?

440 engine
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hey man dont know the answer to your ?'s

wanted to know if you have herd of Sled Porn, we watch the movies all the time and i got a sticker on my old sled. i know they are from yukon
YA man there from the yukon, i ride with the crew every weekend SledPorn 5 just came out you can buy the new dvd online... its worth it......... back to my question i still need to no what to do?
its the pulse line for your fuel pump...if theres two of them and one is blocked off dont worry about it (i cant quite remember)...there was a thick rubber line from your fuel pump to a similar brass looking nipple on your 440 should go to the same thing on the 800 motor...if its not in the exact same location dont sweat uses the negative/positive pressure in the crankcase to flip/flop the diaphram in the fuel pump.

have fun.
ok, well on the 800 mod motor in the exact place that that nipple is on the 440 engine there is nuthin as the pic shows.....i just need to know if that nipple needs to be there or if there is another nipple for the same reaseon on the engine where is it?

maby that is it? if not what is it.....
That would be where you hook up the small oil bottle from a 440. That nipple feeds the water pump shaft with oil


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o ok ic..... still not to clear on what to do about the other nipple not being there.....
Nothing to worry about.
All you need is the oil return line hooked up to the center nipple and the fuel pump hooked up to the one on the outer part.

If there are two outer nipples then cap one off.

Without oil injection the small tank is hooked to the center nipple above the oil block off plate as shown in the pic above.
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