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Ok diesel experts...

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Haha, heres a good one for someone to figure out!!!

Ok heres the story, The drill came out of the bush and sat at the airport for a couple days in the rain without the exhaust capped off (darn drillers

The drill was hauled to the shop and they tried firing it up today, ran like "edit for bad language"...

I go over and start looking around at this thing, Its blowing black smoke and has no throttle response at all and heats up very fast.

So first things first i pulled the turbo as i could tell it was not spinning, it was crammed solid of soot and the only way it kept running was the wastegate. So i got it all cleaned out and popped it on. Secondly i pulled the thermostat just to be sure it wasnt stuck. Fired it up and it was still running rough as hell and smoking a bit, but this time it had a bit of throttle but WOT would only bring it up a few hundred RPM.

The drillers never said a thing about it not running right and by the way it was running their is no way they could have been drilling with it so i assume it could have been the rainwater or just a coinkidink...

BTW its a 1.5L 30kw Kubota if anyone here is a kubota expert!

So i got a few theories in my head about what happened, they could have overheated it from the stuck thermostat or the rainwater or they have been getting some bad fuel up at camp too. Maybe the pump skipped a tooth? But i believe the pump is gear driven so i dont think so...

So im thinking it could be the injector pump, injector(s), rings...?

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Yea... I have no clue too...
06MXZXRenegade800 said:
Yea... I have no clue too...
I think it's your flux capacitor
well i doubt it is the flux capacitor as diesel do not have them....... lol i would be looking torwards a fuel related issue...... poor fuel or h2o in the fuel..........
With the Turbo full of soot, and BLACK smoke, sure seems to be fuel rich or air starved. Did you check the lubricating oil and fuel for water? But it still is rich for some reason.
when you pulled the turbo...did the shaft spin freely? It could very well be water in the fuel as well. I remember my dads truck would shake like hell form bad fuel. try adding some fuel treatment to absorbe water in the fuel tank.
Oil was changed before we fired it up, It looked good and still has no contamination.

Turbo did not spin at all before i cleaned it out... It is now functioning 100%

Bad fuel, well thats what we thought too since they were getting alot of bad fuel up at camp. But we have clean fuel at the shop (run through several filters and seperators) and the motor was run for about an hour total so all the crap fuel should be out of the pump by now.

darn jap crap!
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06MXZXRenegade800 said:
Wheres ZDM?

Look up in the nights sky and find the brightest star shining.....that will be Zdooman
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i kinda had a similar problem 2 years ago with the stroker. we were haulin out of Indiana with the 40 ft race car hauler and i needed diesel. Diesel is no where to be found. finally find a station in the middel of knowhere kinda rundown muck muck dump. o well i was desperate. Filled the truck up and i was driving get about 40-50 miles away and it just starts puffin smoke. held it wot and it wasnt going anywhere. i drained the water out of the water seperator and it was fine for a little bit but kept comming back. ahev repeating the step of draining it out. WE eventually (not recommenfin) out of desperation saw a station up a ways pull over and i just about drained my tank. It was 3 in the morning middle of knowhwere in indiana and had about 5 more hours to go. un hooke the fuel like and let er rip. drained about all of it and then filled it abck up again at a decent station. never had a problem again.
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Hmm, well i know for sure the small tank of fuel we have in the shop is good. But like i said they have been getting crap gas up at camp.

The filter was changed and the lines were all drained, after the hour we rant he thing trying various things to get it to smarten up i would have thought that any bad fuel that may be left would either be burnt or blown up the return line. So im leaning away from the bad fuel issue.

What really gets me is the fact that we initially had no throttle at all, it would just idle coughing away filling up the shop with black smoke. But after about 45min of running (in about 5min bursts because of the overheating) we started to get a little bit of response with the throttle after it got hot...

This sound like the pump is f%#ked?
Yes, it was fully drained of all fluids before we even turned the key on it.
The next step was to pull the injectors off of the other drill to see what happens. But we have better things to do for the next couple weeks, so keep the ideas coming so i will have lots of ideas when we pull it back in the shop!
did they run it out of fuel is so maybe you have to prime those engines?

AT work the first time i changed a TDI jetta fuel filter i thought i got fuel through it by opening the petcock at the bottom. turns out i was to undo the exit side line and cycle the key on and off until i got solid diesel comming out the filter hooked it up and it started right up. my conclusion was that it would get all th air out unless you did it that way.
No it hasnt been run out of fuel.

But like i said previously all fluids (including fuel) were drained prior to us firing it up. It has a new fuel filter and fresh fuel throughout the system and any old fuel should be flushed out by now since its been run for about a total of 60min

I primed and bled the "edit for bad language" outta it, no air in the pump at all.
every check fuel pressure? by any chance

Its gravity feed to a small mechanical pump that goes directly into the injection pump.
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injector problem, precooler on turbo, what kind of motor is it. i have a dtriot 60 series and had turbo fins blowout and then precooler went and injector problem. There is also new diesel out. lower sulfer content add diesel 911 treatment to fuel will cause fuel filter to plug. besides that i have no idea, contact a dealer they can probable point you in the right direction
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