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This may or may not apply to some of you out there ... this is an observation from my oil pump after some close inspection. For everyone that THINKS there could be a problem with there oil setting, read this and check yours out for yourself.

I recently bought this sled (2000 Mach Z 800 Millenium) and it seamed to me that it was burning a lot of oil ... especially when idling ... to the point it would spew oil from the exhaust pipe and leave a puddle on the ground if left too long!! I made sure that the lines on the oil pump where properly aligned and it still spewed oil. So I decided to take a closer look and on inspection this is what I found ... (SEE DIAGRAM BELOW)

View attachment 45814

I noticed that the hole in the arm had a lot of extra play on the oil pump shaft. After tightening the nut on the shaft, the 2 flat notches were not lined up. It is next to IMPOSSIBLE to get them to line up properly because the force of tightening the nut causes the shaft to turn in a clockwise direction. So in order to set the PROPER setting, the line on the arm should be ignored and the flat notch on the oil pump shaft should be perpendicular to the scribed line above the arm. Hopefully this will fix my oil comsumption and I hope this information helps anyone else out there with this problem!!
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