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Numb Thumb

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Is there any way to adjust the throttle on a sled? I have small hands and it's quite a stretch to give it throttle. My hand is killing me within the hour. Makes for a long day of sledding.
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You could put a twist throttle on, Magura brand is the one I used back in the day when the throttle pull was so hard. It works great for trail riding and ditch banging but it's a little tuff to use in the powder.
I had a 99 MXZ 600 and I had a soar as hell thumb too. Doo you have one of the ZX models? The throttles are different on the revs then the older mxz's. Twist throttle I guess would be the best option or you could try one of the palm or thumb wraps that they make.
-Good luck
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I have a friend who put a twist grip on his 500ss. He had the same problem you have. He has complete twist throttle kits he is going to sell. They come with everything needed. including:
twist throttle
heating element
kill switch
pm me and I can give you his number
jws3 said:
I've put these on for my kids and wife, money well spent
Thanks. This looks like the ticket. It's pretty inexpensive too. Thanks for your help.
I have the same problem. I tried the throttle gizmo, didn't really work well for me. This year I have put on a left hand throttle that I can hopefully use to rest my right hand when my thumb get tired. Can't tell you how it works yet, though.
my mom had the same problem on my 98 FIII she primarly rode that for about a year and a half. It had a single pivot trhottle on it. I went down to the doo dealer and bought a throttle for a 99 formula DLX which was a two pivot throttle which made it closer to the bars and put that on on. she loved it a lot more than the other. although she did say he thumb woulf begin to get sore eventually but not even close to the amount it used to. since them she got a new sled and i switched it back to the old set up since i like that one. but I can remember what I did with the other throttle
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