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Not much power and fuel in DPM lines

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Hi I am not at all new to dootalk as I have gleaned an awful lot of information off them before. But I am new to posting! So here goes question 1...
I have a 2002 MXZ 800 with 2300 km that I purchased towards the end of last year. This fall when I got her out she wouldn't start so I drained the fuel put new stuff in and tried again. No luck. Took the fuel line off going to the carbs and pumped a bunch into a pail. Tried again still no luck. Took the line off again and squirted some carb cleaner in the fuel line and around in the carb. She fired right up. Then last Saturday I oil it out and it worked fine for a bit then after a while it didn't have any power. After running it at about 3000 rpm for a while I tried it again and it worked great! After driving about 20 more kilometres and on my way home it quit working properly again. I tried limping home but eventually it just wouldn't rev up. After opening the hood I saw one of the small DPM lines had come off the carb and fuel was coming out of it. After putting it back on, the fuel started pumping out the line going into the airbox. So I shut er off. I then proceeded to take the lines off and blow them out and waited for a while. Meanwhile there was a 30 km/h wind and minus 20 degree Celsius wind freezing me and my fingers solid. I managed to limp up to a road where I got picked up and brought it home. I took the carbs off and apart now and one needle is bent just a very little bit at the end. Is that what would be causing the troubles? Also I took the reeds out and one does look a little damaged.
Compression is about 115 in both cylinders. Would it do it if there was a small hole in one of the DPM lines?🤷🏼‍♂️
Thanks a bunch in advance for anyone who can help me out of this muddle!


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The small lines that go from the carbs to the DPM manifold are the vents from the float bowls. Fuel in these lines mean the float bowls are overflowing. Meaning either the needle/seat part of the float assembly isn’t sealing when it should, or that the o-ring sealing the assembly to the carb body is leaking
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