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Hello, once again I need your help
How do we find manual, for a 1991 Alpine II, 503cc engine. the problem the spark plug will not spark if battery dead, so if you are in the bush with a dead battery, you are stuck for a long walk, and if you pull the cord, still no spark with a dead battery.
I have replace the stator, the stator has 12 small coils, and one trigger coil, but still the same problem, the emergency engine kill switch has been removed., the red button handle bar switch has been by pass, still I get no spark on the plug with a dead battery, but if I use a fully charge battery, I get sparks by turning the key or pulling the cord? So
I need the electrical specs, and how to test the coil, ya it's new but.... I also want to know if my battery is being charged, or if my spark problem is with the ignition coils,

Or any ideas of what I should be looking for, thank you all in advance for any help you can give me.
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