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Well, curiosity must have got'n the best of ya!
You clicked on this thread so here's what ya get.

Welcome to the shop of the amateur mechanics where gullible dootalkers (such as us) take fellow dootalkers opinions as the gospel truth and immediately apply any and every idea to our new sleds .... just to see what happens next.

Tire Wheel Shoe Motor vehicle Automotive tire

WHEW!! There's a lot happening on this thread. For a quick reference, here's a table of contents .....

Important tip ...

(to jump to a particular page, you'll see at the top left corner of this page the total number of pages in this thread along with what page you're on - just click the '** pages' box and enter in the page you want to jump to

Page 1
track holes
riser install
windshield mod

Page 4
'04 Summit rebuild project
foam, clutch panel, sway bar discussion

Page 5
breather tube mod
scratcher install
Dynamo Joes S8X Clutch and Big John's Torquer Kit info (links)
piston ring replacement

Page 6

front shock install
PTO issue
grease fittings
oil pump adjustment
removal of carb heaters
Torquer Kit install

Page 8
Sled cover mod
sled polish

Page 9
Dynamo Joe's S8X Clutch kit install

Page 11

air horn install
Xenon lights install
'05 running board stiffener mod
12v power accessory install

Page 13
steering column adjustment

Page 14
"The New Look"
decal work
air box mod

Page 15
LEFTY Throttle install
Steering column cover mod

Page 16
rail stiffeners - install and discussion for 144"
Stiffener Kits discussion/links

Page 18
helmet light install
Blown 800 HO engine report
helmet cam link

Page 19

various stiffener brace installs & info

Page 21
The Best darn Sled Tow System !!!

Page 22
Oil pump problems & adjustment

Page 23
carb boot delamination problem
Footwell "boot test" & mod

Page 27
Floating Clutch Kit

Page 29
Extrovert Driver for 144" - Discussion & Install

Page 34
home made bunje cord pullers

Page 36

RK Tek piston/head install

Page 38
Floating your clutch - install

Page 46
The Drop and Roll kit mod - a perspectus

Page 47
Make your own Exhaust Spring Removal Tool

Page 50
The Drop and Roll kit - pictures

Page 58 & 63
Oil Delete Mod

Page 64
T-stat Delete & temp gauge install
NASCAR mod - rotating your tach

Page 65
Vent kit install

Page 70
BOSS Seat Install

Page 71
Adding storage bag & gas can to your tunnel

Page 74
Steppin' it up to a 2.5 in paddle!

Page 76
Relocating left thumb console switches

Page 85
BC3 coil spring Torsion Spacer mod

Page 86
Smitty800's Lift kit install
New for '08 from RK Tek

Page 94
Timbersled suspension video
Heated Seat Solution and Install

Page 95
Ski Clamps - a neat idea!

Page 98
Rebuilding the Crankshaft - not as hard as you might think!


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Hey, beer supply's get'n low. Restock!!!!

First things first. While your visiting, lets get the shop rules out of the way.

Here, at the ttab mod shop, this is a work-free drink place where no women are allowed. Got it?

Food Shelving Shelf Wall Retail

OK, grab a cold one and lets get going ....


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No need for all that extra windshield. It's Harbor Freight time!!!

Harbor Freight side cutting drill ....$20
Extra drill bit to replace the one that breaks instantly ....$1.25
Three slurps of beer ... $0.15

The look on X-man's face when I destroy a perfeclty good windshield
.... Priceless!

Table Jacket Engineering Workwear Machine

To make a good symetrical cut, I looped a cord around the center screw in the shield and arced it over the plastic with a marker from the crease on one side to the other. Makes a perfect arc and a good line to cut above. Keep your dremel type tool well above the line to make your initial cut. I used a 4" grinder to finish it off nicely.


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Tire Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive tire Vehicle

You know what the big benefit of this was? I shaved off 10 oz of weight here!

I'm quite happy with the way this one turned out. (translation for our friends to the north .... "looks pretty good, eh?")

I know ..... I know!! Hand shields are on order. More shots to follow as the projects keep roll'n in or the carnage comes home.

Check out that fender sticker!




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ttabs said:
It is especially important to use a $35 Harbor Freight drill and $.50 hole saw.
Hell, if ya look around my shop, you'd think Harbor Freight was my sponsor.

I thought PBR was your sponsor.
Great pics ttabs. what photo r u in?

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this may be a dumb question, but seeing as i'm on the east coast, and we dont' drill tracks here unless we are studding them, what is the purpose of drilling the holes??? is it just for weight savings, or some other performance benefit???

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Reduces rotating mass, along with track clip removal. More importantly, allows much more snow hitchhiking in the skid to get evacuated, so you're hauling much less weight around. Exchangers got to get abit more snow tossed on them, too, out the holes.

Ok, first thing. I want your JOB, so I can afford THAT shop
Second, I want THAT shop, in my garage, then the JOB,
Looks nice dooood, Order that HEAD yet, he's a waitin!

Mod'n is my thing
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Shave another couple pounds off by getting a 6" LED light strip for the back and dump the rack.

I like the windshield. Did the same thing to one last year.

Don't forget to eliminate the black clutch cover and add the SLP prefilter to the side airbox. Also remove the side airbox and put some mat'l over the holes in the backside of it to keep the belt dust out of your carbs.

Have fun....nice pics.
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