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My last Doo was an 05 440. A lot has changed since. I've been reading quite a bit on here on set-ups, etc.. I still have a few things I need clarification on if anyone is willing to lend a hand.

- Plugging the fuel site line. Not sure what this is, or again why it needs to be done.

I rode the RS a few times at our local track in 25 degree weather and 16 degree weather, approx 1200 feet. Ran great both times. We recently got some new snow here, about 2', and found that it now has a bog which will sometimes send the sled into a limp mode and some times I can work it out by hitting the throttle a few times. Sled runs fine on the trail, or on roads, but once I hit the field, it starts to limp or bog sporadically after a few minutes of riding. Read that it may be caused by the air box being blocked up by the powder so I went out of my way to try to stay away from the powder. Found that the bog still came after running uphill or through our rhythm section.

The sled came from the previous owner stock with 270's and the hot start button connected. He ran 93 non at 40:1

I've since cut the hot start, left the 270's in as the plugs looked good and am still running 93 non at 40:1. Compression in both cylinders is the same. Carb boots looked good.

I've attached a picture of a plug, both were the same, after a wot run of about 5 seconds

I've also attached a picture of the airbox. Could this be a bad boot seat?

Again, any help would be great.



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