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New tow vehicle

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We are taking delivery of my wifes new to her vehicle. Its a 2002 Chevy Avalanche, with 78,000 miles. The truck is in really nice condition, and its immaculate under the hood. Just wondering if anyone has one and what kind of things you have found out about these vehicles. It is rated @ 13 city/17 highway mpg. It has the 5.3L 327 cid V-8. Okay, fire away, thanx, Jim
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what kind of $$ did you give for that?
cool ! good luck on your purchase, now all you have to do is buy a ford to pull the chevy around
J/K actually my buddy loves his,....he had his since issues other than maintenance..and some sensors i think good luck
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b.lee, they were asking $14,850 for the '02 Avalanche. Its gonna be the wifes rig anyways, and actually she too is a ford person, and originally she wanted a Ford Explorer sport trac, but figured at the Chevy dealer where she bought her van, they'd have an easier chance to find her an Avalanche than a sport trac. Now hopefully gas prices will stay down, as the Avalanche has a 31 gal tank, and she travels about 60 miles a day round trip back n forth to work, and @ approx. 14 mpg X 31 gals = 434 miles to a tank, and 60 miles a day X 5 days = 300 miles, so if we use my Jeep Grand Cherokee during the week and weekends, to run our errands, we should be ok.
I have a 2002 Avalanche it has around 45,000 mile on it, and has been a great truck for our family.
The ride is excellent and the gas mileage is OK as trucks go , I can get close to 19 on a long trip and about
13-15 pulling a 2 place enclosed. Here is a link below to go for avalanche question or problems you may see
in the future.

Their have been a couple of recall so make sure they have been checked.
Cables on tail gates
something on brake sensor I believe.

Enjoy I am hoping to get a new one in a couple of years

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If anyone is interested Ive got a friend trying to sell his Avalanche its an 02 with 116k miles hes a college student like me hes got himself into some financial problems and need to sell his avalanche hes got to $14,000 for it.
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We bought an '02 recently and love it so far...ours has heated leather, moonroof, onstar, etc...

Haven't had it on any long trips yet to check mileage, but it seems to be just fine on fuel the few times I have driven it to work (80 miles round trip).

The things I did to ours after getting it home:
1) installed bug shield
2) installed NGK Iridium plugs and MSD wires
3) changed the fuel filter and tranny fluid
4) installed K&N filter
5) and gave her a good tweaking...
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