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I'm new to all of this, never had a snowmobile before and just started getting into it last year. I really enjoy getting out there on the trails!

Right now just trying to educate myself on this sled and what I need to be checking, inspecting, or validating adjustments. A lot to consume, but I figure in time.

If anyone has any input on the top items I should be checking I would appreciate any input.

First item i'm working on is the starter, rope started slipping last weekend so I ordered new parts to replace the pawl, and a few other parts.

Thanks in advance for any input

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The small spring that engages the pawl often breaks and causes the pawl to not engage.

If the new sled hasn't been driven much and you don't know the history, it is a good idea to give it a once over.

Removing last years fuel and installing fresh premium.
Cleaning the carbs, adjust throttle and choke cables. Verify jetting for future reference.
While the carbs are off, check the carb boots for cracks and being rotten, they are prone to crack on the bottom.
Remove and clean RAVE valves.
Check exhaust y-pipe for cracks, make sure the bolts are tight.
Check colant level and condition, make sure hoses are in good condition and clamps are tight.
Check condition of oil pump cable and lines. The pumps are known to stick, a shot of WD40 on the arm helps with this.
Check for broken motor mounts. Use a pry bar to rock the motor and make sure they're not worn. Adjust the torque stop to just touch the engine case.
Check the gear case oil and chain tension.
Check the brake fluid level and condition, probably best to change it out. Look for corrosion in the bottom of the master cylinder.
Make sure idler wheels and bearings are good, suspension bolts are tight and sliders are within wear limits. Check track tension and alignment.
Grease the chassis and don't forget the front drive bearing under the secondary clutch.
Check belt condition and deflection. Going through the clutches to check for worn components and cleaning is a god idea.

That should keep you busy for a while, those sleds are q bast when everything is in order.

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Will add to grease the Jackshaft bearing behind the seconday clutch. Most folks don't do this and is an easy way to avoid a trip ending failure and perhaps a lot of damage. Quality synthetic grease for bearings.

Remove the secondary and pop off the grease seal, clean out with brake cleaner, dry with air and repack with quality grease. Re-install the secondary the exact way it came off. Blue Loctite on the bolt and 17ft pounds of torque.

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