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Not sure if I like the mirrors. They look OK but how long until I'd last before busting them and half the windshield.
It was pleasure picking up the sled. The staff there shoot high when it comes to customer service.

They even loaded it in the truck and had it parked beside the front door.
There is some sale on and we all have been pushing a friend to go grab a sled. He wants a backcountry XRS. But I don't think any are around.

These weren't the mirrors I ordered but I was very vague on the mirrors. I'm thinking I like them but I know I'll bust them all to heck. I'll have to slow down going under the trees a little more. Or take them off completely which is what might happen.
I love the new cooling set up they have on the clutch door. The gauge has turn signal indicators but I never looked to see if it's the same as the three wheel rig they have on the floor.


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