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New fuel filter for 2024 900TR?

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I was just looking through the 2024 parts fiche and noticed that the listed in tank fuel filter has 'call dealer' this has me thinking this is not a currently stocked part/new component. Does anyone know the current filter part number for comparison?

For reference the part number I am seeing is below. (415130508)
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My in tank filter and in line filter were changed at about 1000 miles. The sock filter was black and I rinsed tank 3 times to remove black particles which look like plastic and consistant with tank lining. 6000 miles later after driving all over Ontario and Quebec Canada I changed them again. The in tank filter was white and clean, zero black particles found.

I think the issue is tank manufacturing not fuel. We did a 2016 900 ace in tank filter from a tank that had historic white lining and 10,000 miles. Sock filter was white and clean sled was driven all over Ontario and Quebec.
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What does historic white lining mean? Is that some special lining that other tanks don’t have?
The tanks on revs of past have had a white plastic lining, the G4 models have a black coating inside tank.
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