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Ok, original prices posted were wrong. Boss updated again. Here are some more details:

They now come in the Classic and Pro design. Classic is like last years design with all the storage pouches. The PRO series will now come with a grip material on both sides to help riders maneuver without slipping, and a single, retractable, hidden pouch.

Take this for what is worth but I was told the price increase is due to the extra costs of producing everything in house in the U.S.A. They tied to save the customer an them money in the past by going off shore and the quality has suffered. Their goal is to make a quality product and give the customer what they are paying for. Should go in to production next week so don't wait.


large storage pouches with waterproof zippers
water bottle or tool kit holder (Classic)
non skid top material
light weight
closed cell foam

We are offering just $5 dollar shipping for US lower 48. This covers the packaging and handling and we cover the shipping. This is a $30 savings we are passing along to you.

If in Canada use the BOSSCA coupon code upon checkout to get your savings.

All other international countries use Coupon code BOSSINT.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts