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I have been on this site for the last little bit and I have to say, it is great. zLearned lots and find it very interesting all the tips and tricks that can be done to the sleds
Here is my question (s)

This past fall and early winter I did a total rebuild on my sled
new crank, seals, bearings
New top end
rebuilt stator
re wired kill switch, thumb warmer, handle bar heaters

I had it out for the first time since rebuild today
Did a short 100kms break in run
Speeds between 50-80kms/hr up and down on the throttle
I had 2 areas of concern during this run
At about 50 km mark throttle stuck open breifly- had to stop match with kill switch
At this time I check the spark plugs- clutch side was a chocholate brown with the mag side being a greyish verging on white
I dropped in a litre of oil into the tank before I left
I got the throttle freed up and got going again
At the 100km mark check the spark plugs again
Both were chocholate brown
But I noticed a small drip from the chaincase drain plug- that was not there when I had it in the shop
My questions are

What colour should the plugs be? How do I get them to be that (what adjustments)
Would the chain case oil become thinner with heat and start to leak?
If so should a telfon tape (or something similar) be used on the drain plug?

Sorry for the long post- but I am so close to having it running like it did (and the winter is nearly over) so I want to get it tweaked just right

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The plugs should be a cardboard brown. The throttle may have had collected some moisture and froze but who knows. good luck with it
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