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Need some opinions

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Its a 2003 Summit and I am looking some setups and ideas to make it run 100%, and since I am not getting much action in the non-rev summit forum I am also posting in here since most of you guys probably had a zx summit at one time.

I am looking for clutching setups and gears used as well as what can was not too loud and not too expensive.

03 summit link

Thanks guys,

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Geebuz that is one niiiiiiiiiiiiice blue color.

What exact colour is that?
Anyone, I am checking into the usual rings, carb boots and such for replacement if needed, looking for setups and ideas.
I dont do alot of clutch stuff, but I put dyna port cans on all my pre rev sleds. Thats what my zx 700 has on it. I would PM BJ and ask him about the clutching questions. He knows sleds.

We just had a light dusting of about 1-2 inches but the ground isnt frozen yet so it was all gone by lunchtime but it got me in gear and out working on sleds.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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