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by Jay Mentaberry" target="_blank"><img class="colorbox-3799" alt="" src="" /></a>

Besides big mountain backcountry riding, I also race the full Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb (RMSHA) circuit. I've been racing for seven years; two in juniors, two in semi-pro, and three in the Pro class. I'm now racing in the premiere classes: 800 stock, Open stock, 800 Mod, Open Mod, and Open Improved.

Let me take you through my Open Improved sled that I just finshed prepping:

Open Improved means up to 1000cc engines and only minor chassis improvements such as shocks, handlebars, skis, and exhaust systems.

My sled of choice for all classes is the Ski-Doo Freeride. My Open Improved sled is actually a 2014 model. I raced it last year and it ran and felt so great that I decided to keep it and race it again. After all, if it's not broken, don't fix it! Right!? Basically the only thing I'm doing to it for this year is putting a Diamond-S Titanium exhaust can and Trygstad Y-Pipe on it. Plus a new wrap.

I prefer SLP Straight Line Tracking skis. They work really well on a hillclimb course, as they're not too hard to steer but don't push through corners." target="_blank"><img class="colorbox-3799" alt="" src="" /></a>

I've grown to really like the KYB PRO 40 shocks that are standard on the Freeride. We just do a little valving change with Teton Performance and a 110 rate spring, which is stiffer than stock.

Up top, I run a 6 inch RSI riser with their race bend bar. The race bend has a really aggressive hook and a 17 degree pullback." target="_blank"><img class="colorbox-3799" alt="" src="" /></a>

My Trygstad 872 motor has been nothing but impressive. The bottom end and mid-range gains are phenomenal and have put me on the podium numerous times. Dave Trygstad claims that the Diamond S Titanium can is the only one that doesn't lose power with his motor." target="_blank"><img class="colorbox-3799" alt="" src="" /></a>

My track is stock PowderMax with FlexEdge because it works great for all conditions, including racing. I trim about a ¼ inch off the top to make it a tad stiffer and make room for traction screws." target="_blank"><img class="colorbox-3799" alt="" src="" /></a>

That's about it! I'm really excited to rip this thing on the race course this year and get some W's!

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