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Looking forward to the finished product, Like SkidooChris, I also jumped to the summation the the air may not flow as you have neutralised the pressure on both sides of the inter cooler. It will be interesting to see if your exhaust vents draw air out. Good luck and compliments on the craftsmanship. Looks rally good!
I understand your questions, if the air will enter but not leave yes you are right, but it is not the case, the goal is to avoid the parachute effect of the original design or the air enters a lot but has no place to come out, the engine bay is very hot because the hot air condenses but does not circulate. The goal is to help keep it cooler, help the clutch to keep cooler, the muffler to cool down and the air to circulate when coming out without the original design holding it back without it coming out . My 1200 is made and several others are made substantially this way, and we have nothing but advantages in this design.

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