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I couldn't have asked for my year to start off any better! This season I'm pretty spoiled and get to start my season off in Wyoming! Alaska has such limited light this time of year and since we don't have a ton of trees, visibility is low on those cloudy days. Wyoming is perfect to get some technical tree riding under my belt and the snow has been amazing! Setting up my sleds for the season has been so much fun. I have two sleds with different set-ups because the riding and terrain is so different in both locations and it is fun to test stuff out and see if it works best for me.




I changed to the Fox Float 3 EVOL RC2's. These shocks are available with different chambers, so they give you so many options. I always start my main chamber at 65psi and the EVOL chamber at 180psi. For the damping I set it at the middle. This is what I set everything to when it's in my garage. I constantly make adjustments throughout the season depending on riding trails or jumping in the backcountry.


I changed to the Fox rear shock kit with 1.5 ZERO C2 center shock with dual-speed compression adjustments and an adjustable compression coil spring. The rear shock is a Fox 2.0 ZERO RC2 with dual-speed compression and fully-adjustable rebound. I just put this on, so I'm interested to make adjustments and see what best fits me!


I love the sway bar quick disconnect because I can easily disconnect/connect the sway bar without tools. I have it disconnected right now, but leave it in my riding pack all year round. Depending on what terrain I'm riding, it's an easy 30 second adjustment I can make.


I really love the Pilot DS 2 skis that come stock with this sled and I keep them on for most of the season. However, I do swap them back and forth with the C&A pro BX (Boondocking Extreme) skis when I'm going to be jumping big and hitting hard faces.



The stock riser for the Freeride is 5.1 inches. I'm 5 ft. 5 in. tall and find this to be a little too much for me. I kept the aluminum stock tapered handlebars and put on a 4 inch Fly Racing riser. Some might think that 1.1 inches is hardly a difference, but it allows me to keep a firm aggressive riding stance while riding.


The Freeride's light chassis is already reinforced for backcountry punishment, but it never hurts to add extra protection. I just ordered a Ski-Doo Extreme Skid Plate. This will help give me maximum underbelly protection. I'm also adding the S-Module reinforcement that comes standard on the MXZ 600 RS racing sleds. What's cool is that it is compatible with Ski-Doo skid plates.


SCSunlimited makes the best wraps out there! I'm pretty fortunate to get to work with them and they make a signature series line for me. Love the colors this year! Really makes everything pop and brings out my style for sure!




I changed to the Fox Float 3 EVOL QS3 - R shocks. These shocks are new for 2016 with the Quick Switch 3 and I wanted to give them a try. I can quickly change between 3 calibrated settings with a "flip of a switch" and I love that! Since tree riding and the Wyoming terrain are different than what I'm used to, I'm still in the tuning stage.


Because I am constantly in the mountains with my Summit, keeping it on edge is priority. I remove the sway bar right when I get it and don't find a need to put it back on.


I put on C&A Pro BX (Boondocking Extreme) skis. This ski is designed for technical mountain riding and makes for easier navigation through tight trees. This ski is very durable and is perfect for a beginner in the trees like myself.


Because I will be riding this sled in the trees, I decided to make my riser a little shorter than I'm used to. I kept the aluminum stock tapered handlebars and put on a 2 inch Fly Racing riser.


Being an amateur in the trees, I definitely needed some extra reinforcement! I put on a Burly front and rear bumper. By bolting the bumper to the over structure it increases the strength. The lower tubes also tie into a brace kit that is included.

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