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Calling it quits for the season after 3500 mostly trouble free miles.

1-after a water in the fuel issue was resolved the unit ran perfect the rest of the time

2-14-16.5 mpg, 105 top MPH

3-replaced OEM sliders with Yamaha Dupont Vespal units and they are fantastic, all 3500 miles on them with almost no signs of wear.

4-shocks rebuilt after 1400 miles, I have the remote adjuster and I just love this option

5- the TS carbides adjuster is fantastic, varying trail conditions were easily adjusted for

6- 2 oil changes with Castrol 0w-40

7-3 chain case fluid changes, and skid greasings

8-clutch side vent air kit installed and the clutches stayed very clean and cool

9-factory pre-studded track is ok but not nearly as much grip as regular studs

10-twice the sled overheated on -20f mornings on a freshly groomed trail. the complete tunnel iced over but only on these conditions

11-needed to use the ECO for trailer loading and unloading, the other 2 modes were too twitchy

12-started a little slowly at -23f but it did start.

all in all a fantastic sled , I am going to keep it for at least another year
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