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hi my name is mike johnson.
i have the phone number and e-mail for sellest chigwa DNR fleild rep in charge of checking the trail to make sure gooming is being done and it satifies the grant that says to keep trails smooth.
when i contacted her she stated she had only had 2 calls about trail conditions

she and i are looking for input to her so we can get the trail system in beeter shape in my opinion

you can call sellest chigwa at 906 452 6227 or e-mail her at [email protected]

you can also e-mail me at [email protected] thanks mike johnson

please c. c. all email to either sellest or myself and also to don reed of seney, fox motel because he has agreed to forward e-mails to bill manson presedent of MSA who both have freinds in lansing,mi

please take the time to send your thoughts good or bad !!!! as i need help to fix this trail back to the days when it was voted best trail inmichagan by snowmobile magazine.

thanks sorry for spelling but heart is in right place

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i was on trail 8 about two weeks ago heading toward Shingleton, it was a fri about 10:00am and caught up to a groomer, he must have been going about 30mph and the front of the drag was in the air by about 3ft. that drag was just bounceing around like i have never seen before. usualy when you pass a groomer it is smooth behind them well not in this case it was almost not even noticable that he had been there at all!!
Why are they running with the drag off the snow?
Why are they traveling so fast?
i have never seen a bigger waste of time-money-fuel, they might as well just jack that thing up in the barn and let the tracks spin and put some miles on that unit that way, it would be a much smoother ride in the barn and your not far from the fridge for pop and snacks
What a JOKE does anybody know how he is opperating that expensive peice of equiptement or are they told to go like hell and not worry about doing the best job possible, if your going to groom GROOM!!!! thats the whole idea right? Nuff said Munising groomers need to take some lessons from Grand Marais groomers and get with the program, its a short season shouldn't we make the best of it with the money spent??????????

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That is a private contractor that gets paid by the mile. If they don't drag, they burn less fuel. If they go real fast, they make more money per mile. Doing a good job is secondary to them, it's all about $$$ to them. Your sticker money goes to pay them too.

Please complain to those people listed. It sure can't hurt and just might do some good if enough people doo it! Bill Manson stopped at my place and got an ear full a couple of weeks ago and he seems very motivated to do something, but does need the numbers to support his complaint. Those trails don't stand up to any trafic at all when they drag like that. The state just bought them a new groomer too. (Part was paid by him, but I think the state pays 60%) He should not be rewarded for that kind of effort.


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the only way to fix these trail is by sending info to the people listed and to have all your freinds and fellow riders do the same !
if we swamp sellest with info she has no choice but to make it her piority.
would tou like to be a manager of this and get 100 call a day? this is not happening but if it did we would get results.
as to payment the grantor gets payed $2.90 per mile right now but it is going to $4.35 per mile!
do you think munising desires this money? i dont untill they start doing there job and fullfilling there grant. make your voice heard only way to fix

as to groomer the state pays 75% grantor 25%

munising is contracted for 85 miles of trail. last year they turned in

17,336 miles of grooming

that brakes down as
2,062hrs of grooming
$10,ooo dollars for groomer maintance
$27,383 dollars fuel costs
$5,453 dollars parts cost
total of $43,217

the state payed the grantor (bob stein) $65,705 what a non profit orginization?
this info from bill manson msa president

if this dosent get you motivated to call and email i dont know what will

thanks mike johnson

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renegade8 said:
Mike, if you want to put this info into a fourm that gets alot of exposure trail is very popular with alot of people already talking about how terrible the trails are in Munising
thanks for heads up i have done that. anymore help would be help full
thanks mike johnson at [email protected]
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