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Muffler Mod / Air Box Mod / Clutch Kits / Custom Work - 900 Ace Non Turbo

After two seasons of Dyno Testing and Field Testing, I have been able to pull some extra H.P. out of this overachieving Four Stroke Triple by changing exhaust and intake flow, which increases H.P. , Torque and top end Rpm's to 7800. At the same time, keeping factory dependability, fuel economy and similar cruising rpms. I am offering the following;

Muffler Mod: Improve the flow of the stock muffler for a +5 H.P. Gain. With only a very slight increase growl at cruising speeds (Sleeper Mod). No one will know, but only you! This will help keep our trails open and passes DNR testing - $250.00.


Air Box Mod: Increase Air Flow by redirecting airflow in the Air Box, this mod wakes up the top end - $125.00.

Clutch Kits: I have done extensive clutch tuning over the past two seasons with the 900 Ace non Turbo. This kit has been tested in many conditions, trails and saddle bag tours. I have developed a clutch kit that truly can be tuned to be two clutch kits in one, with a simple weight change. A ripper corner to corner on tight twisty trails or a trail cruiser for high speed trails such as U.P. of Michigan and Canada. A 5-6 sled length increase over factory clutching and an increase in top end mph. While keeping factory dependability, fuel economy and similar cruising rpms. This clutch kit is very limited due to availability of parts. Kit comes with Helix, Secondary Spring, Adjustable Weights and recommended set up specs - $350.00.


Custom Clutch Work / Parts: Grind Weights to a specific weight / match weights, Clutch Spring Testing, Super O-Rings, Secondary Clutch Tension Tool, Clutch Springs, Clutch Rebuilding.

Ground Arm 1.jpg


900 HO Decals: Look like original equipment, only slightly smaller. $12.50 a pair, includes shipping to lower 48 U.S. States.

For additional information, just message me here, on Doo Talk, I am usually on here everyday. Visit my build link for additional mods and test results



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