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I am trying to get a 500ss running in my car (formula 500 SCCA) and can not get a spark. I have sent out the MPEM to Carey Daku @BRP to have it programmed and DPM and DESS Disabled. Wiring seemed pretty straight forward on the diagram, but I can not get it to fire the coil. Found a couple differences in manual for a couple MPEMs. Anyone have any wiring info to assist. Here is what I have:

4-pin to trigger-new triggers and tested good

2-pin to coil-new coil tested good all resistance

6-Pin-nothing connected (not sure if I need to add any jumpers here if the DPM has been disabled)

12----pin 1or 2 12 v system-tried both manual says 3 v while hand cranking for Pin 1 non-electric start or 1-2v hand cranking electric start for Pin 2. Both will be at system 12v after motor runs and are output from voltage regulator

-------Pin 3 Chassis ground-Tested good thru chassis and motor

-------Pin 4-5 DESS jumper-ed plus DESS disabled during programming

-------Pin 6 kill switch ground-disconnected for testing but tested good to ground when off and open when on to run

------Pin 7 Reverse activate return-no voltage normally, gets 12v when reverse switch activated

------Pin 8-indicator for when reverse is active-the buzzer.

------Pin9,10,11 nothing-I have a separate start circuit and do not use aux relay

------Pin 12 12v supply and also power side of reverse button

When I power up, the reverse indicator blinks 4 times. no spark when cranking with electric start. Having trouble finding exact wiring diagram, using REV2004 carb with electric start which has extra 2 pin connector for air temp that this box does not have.

I also reviewed a 2002 diagram and that one has a 22k resistor in circuit between pin 1 and ground on the 12 pin connector. Any info would be appreciated.
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