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Moutain Strap

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My 05 gade never came with one, don't ask. I want to buy one to use for my daugter to hold onto this year. I have heard of a lot of people using them. My question is which one to buy? I have seen two so far and heard of a third. I have seen the stock gade strap, the strap made by PowerMadd ad heard that the Poo strap is pretty strong.

What are you guys using and why?

How strong are they?

How safe are they?

Any other ideas?

Any pics of them would be greatly appreciated.
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Poo straps are great, the best of the OEMs. But - get out the welder - they screw in the ends with a bracket welded to the bars. I've looked. Best strap there is, tho.

I changed my summits to the SLP strap. Very firm/stiff, not slippery at all. Not too pricey. Much better than the doo. Much easier to steer with. Safety - it's not the strap breaking you have to watch for - it's hitting it with your chest. Which is why doo and Y both offered the limp one - liability. I wear a tekvest, but, I've seen people really nail a hard strap without a vest, and not walk away with a smile. I've hit mine - hard - but with a vest, non-event.
I use a fabcraft mountain bar/handle/strap it is stiff and has grip nubs on the underside it is the same thing as the Poo strap , way better than that stock Rev handle.
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Trying to think who's sled I saw with the mountain strap positioned down lower just so a child can hang on to it easier..... think it was SledBob22 on one of his sleds. Not really sure which strap would work best with that setup, guess the stiffer one so it didn't flop down on the tank/console all the time.

Fabcraft makes clamps that go on your bars so that you can screw it's Polybar onto any handlebar. Polybar
you can get the poo strap that clamps to the bar. no welder required. that what ive been using
Check out my gallery, I have a couple of pics of a mod I did to my rev's mountain strap. I used the Polaris which I think is the best out of all of them. However, the new Yamaha strap is also a tall stiff one!!! No punn intended. haha
[I have a home made unit on my RX-1 turbo.Seems to work way better then any bought units. I use a rubber tarp strap & a couple of clamps. 240 hp & can,t buck me off.


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Thanks for all the ideas guys! From the sounds of it I should go to the Poo dealer huh? Don't tell my Doo dealer! My whole reason is to only use it on the half-o-dozen or so rides I take may daughter on. I mostly ride the hardpack and try my hand at carving. No true mountain riding. I wanted it nice and simple so I can take it off when she is not riding. When she goes out, I'll just screw it on. Everything looks and sounds good so far!
Mountain strap? If you really want a floppy strap on the bars go with the Doo.
I want a mountain bar to handle decel and accel, and the Poo mountain set up is the best. Next time you have to go into a gully and coming out is a quick hard side cut you will like the stability of the Poo hardware.
Not sure what the mountain strap is used for? Strap down the FireBall?
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