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Alright. I re- jetted my sled, and most of you may know. Its now at 330 340 330. With 3.5 turns out on the air screw, and It has VForce Reeds. Plugs seem good colour. Nice and tan after a WFO run. Now ... Problem.

Wont let me go much faster then 140 - 150 kmh. Seems the pto cylinder seems to start to cool off when going WFO. I have a computer, tells my header temps, and that one will drop to about 300 degrees, while the other 2 are at 1000 +. And befoe I played with the airscrews, it was the Mag cylinder that was doing that.

And someone told me Melt down is 1200 Degrees on the headers... But I think I was also told its 1800 degrees.

Help ?
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