Up for sale is a complete set of Elka's for a 129" G4. All shocks have about 1500 miles on them or slightly less. Fronts ski shocks are Stage 5's with triple rate springs, FTS is Stage 4 with dual rate spring setup and rear shock is also a Stage 4. This package was built/spec'd by Ian at Monster Performance for aggressive VT trail riding and they are truly incredible, but I'm moving to a Polaris for my 600cc class sled and these unfortunately will not fit. The usable adjustment window on these is HUGE and they really are worth every penny.
-Front ski shocks have minor wear on reservoir caps (I had a larger, lower to upper a-arm spread than an oem spindle and under maximum compression reservoirs barely touched) but they are straight as can be, no affect to performance whatsoever.
-FTS has wear near there rebound adjuster from snow/ice and such
-Ski shocks are 18 7/8" ctc

Looking to get $2,750 shipped in the lower 48 states. Setup was over $3600 new in fall of 2022. I would entertain a partial trade for a pair of stock Pro36's as well.
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