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Im probably forgetting some but feel free to ask if I havent posted. What ever I haven't put a price on, make a offer. What pictured it what I have left. track/suspension/belt drive only have 300 miles on it.
Easier to txt if anything 6056603176
7" tricked toys riser $5p
Tra 5 splined clutch $250
RSI 10" riser (can accept 7/8 or 1 1/8 bar) $50
JC customs shock tower vents $30
Stock ptek carbs. Will work 07 and up. $120
Spindles $50
Fuel pump $50
Clear Gas Tank (not shown but still have) $70
Summit rear skid arm
Rear summit Torsion Springs
Gas tank side braces
Slotted brake rotor
Rear bumper
Tail light
Steering post
Coolant tank and cap
Chain case
Chain case Cover
Jack shaft
Located in SE South Dakota. 20160217_114145.jpg


1 - 20 of 45 Posts