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Minnesota Trail Maps for your Garmin

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Ryan from GPS Sleds has created a a mapset of snowmobile trails in MN. These are installed into Mapsource where you can select them from the dropdown list and then upload them to your GPSr just like Garmin's detailed maps.

Minnesota Snowmobile Trail

And I created a mapset from Lake of the Woods (borders MN, Manitoba and Ontario) with approximately 800 miles of trails....which also installs into Mapsource.

Lake of the Woods Trails

Remember these are maps and not just uploaded track you have all your Saved Track storage available to save tracks.

These mapsets were created with the software featured in this post

Here's a screen shot from a Garmin 276c of the trails (red) in the Young's Bay/Oak Island area of Lake of the Woods

And a 276c screen shot of most of the lake.

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