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BAMMER said:
Hope someone catches the turds responsible for this theft,though it would seem unimaginable to keep riding a stolen sled in it's original form????
You might be surprised.....sometimes thieves are not that smart, and sometimes they're too smart.
Last year, a dealership (Breezy Bends in Spencer) got ripped off.....imagine that. Two new sleds and a clamshell. The buyer used a fake drivers license and info, as well as a false "bank check". It was in the Worcester paper, where they listed the types of sleds, color, and vin#'s. The "buyer" was belileved to be from Connecticut, and last I knew he was never caught. He "purchased" them on a Saturday, when the banks were closed, so there was no way to verify the check...everything seemed good from the dealer point of view, so he let them take the machines and trailer. The truck used to tow was a rental, and nobody got the plate #.

Thieves will do whatever it takes to steal your stuff. Keep your sled under lock and key when not in use. My local dealer (Keene Motorsports) always has at least a half dozen stolen sleds on the wall.

I really feel for this guy. I hope they catch the thief and prosecute fully.


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I think f-cats are the # 1 target for theft.

Now the old rent-a-friend "CGT!"
I met off of hcs had her f-cat stolen and she said all she did was loose a bunch of money, and her slead was totalled out. Now I learned later that you can't believe anything that women would tell you. I thought insurance would cover the majority of it? Or maybe in that case she really was telling the truth.

And could you steal a stolen slead back, and call up the owner to come and get it? Or would you also get into trouble? When a bud sold a big picnic table to a guy we work with and he never paid, we just went and took the thing back, weather he was there or not I don't know. My dad is a cop, but I never ask him about this stuff. I haven't been in the paper for anything in years

I'll keep an eye out, and do a repo if I see it.
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