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Maintenance Rant.....

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Picked up my 97 Formula 583 this spring. Was told it was maintenanced every year. It was nice out today, so I decided to replace the re-coil rope that mice chewed and change the gear case oil and seal. I pull the cover and the metalically pastey gooey oil came out. Magnet on the end of the dipstick covered in fine metal particals. The previous owner specifically told me it was changed last season. I honestly don't believe that it has been changed in years. Thankfully the chain and gear look OK. If you are asked a question when selling something, BE HONEST. Would not have been fun if I had taken his word, not changed it, and had a break down this coming winter.....

That is all, move along.....
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Not uncommon to find gear oil looking like that...Condensation can change the color and give it a gooey look..Take the valve cover off your car in the early spring and you will see the same sort of stuff..Now for the filings...Very common to find crud on the magnet. Better there than suspended in the oil
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