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All items are used except the shaper bars(SOLD) and low pressure pump,The seat will fit a rev/rt chassis .All other items are for 05-07 MachZ 1000sdi.

Voltage regulator....(SOLD)
E Rave accuator....(SOLD)
Throttle bodies with TPS
High Pressure fuel pump
Dalton Helix.....44/30
High smoked windshield
Boyseen Rad valves with wings
Coolant temp sensor....(SOLD)Exhaust temp sensor.(SOLD)
All black seat (non x)
Low pressure pump(new)
7.5" sharper bars slydog/C&A skis (new)......SOLD
Y pipe
Standard carbides for slydoy/C&A skis 6"
I am open to offer's on the above PLUS shipping.

Thanks for looking.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts