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well since i know skidoo actively reads this id rather get to the source then complain to my dealer.

i ordered the new orange 2013 m-code jacket with liner at the beginning of the 2012-2013 sledding season. first off id like to say the shell is pretty nice but can see improvement. it has many average sized pockets that with nice zippers that seem to keep weather out well but sometimes can be small depending on what you put in them. id like the tether loop too be alot stronger... it ripped off then shot the DESS cord plus loop a ways off on the very first time i fell off my sled with it attached to me.

the outer shell with liner combination was flat out uncomfortable and made you feel like the michelin man. i only rode with this combination for half a ride and then the liner was out for the rest of the season (replaced buy a thin sweater and a backup stanfeld). it was hard to bend your arms, very poofy in the chest area, made your backpack harder to put on, and the liner made the powder skirt useless since it covered it up and made it even more uncomfortable if you did try to use it. the liner also made the neck tight and restricted movement. not to mention the fact that the liner sleeves dont have an attachment point so they always come out with your arm EVERY time, unless you dink around with holding it through the gaiters on the sleeve. keep the thin sleeve gaiters (cant think of the proper name for them) they work well and help for those times when the eject button is needed.

the liner on its own seems like a decent warmup jacket or something you would wear before and after a ride. i dont use it often because its usually just packed away or at home but the little i have used it i found it to be decently warm but not very well thought out for a liner. i think the liner would be better if it wasnt so poofy and was a LINER not a zip-in secondary jacket for people who dont move around or use their neck muscles.

comparing it to the 2011 M-code i would prefer the 2011 overall because it isnt quite as bulky or poofy, the pockets have various sizes and its almost insulated just right (still a little on the poofy side). unless im always riding in very warm spring type weather and only need a shell i would prefer the 2013 M-code but since winter isnt spring the 2011 version seems more friendly since its more comfortable insulation wise and needs less layers underneath. if the 2011 came in that super bright orange i would almost always wear it... having a white freeride with the almost camouflage crazy 2011 random colours makes me hard to find even if im 100 feet right infront of someone haha.

i have another sledding jacket (coldwave) that i have owned for 5-6 years or so and i would say skidoo needs to take some lessons from them on a good liner and tether attachment point. i still use this jacket but not in the mountains since as stated before you cant find a white and black sled or a black jacket.

also i havent had any issues with this M-code tearing but it does feel a little like it might rip or tear easy if i got into that type of situation. i do like the jacket but there are key improvements that need to be made before i would be considering a new one.

i didnt want to step on the actual doo-talk testers toes but i thought id speak up about these jackets since the idea behind them is good but the 2013 version almost seems to be rushed when it came to certain things.

did i mention the liner needs some big changes?

thanks for reading!


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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we are reading and our riding gear team is in here looking at comments just like these to improve our products for the future. Have you seen the new MCode stuff for 2014? If you thought previous versions were bright...LOOK OUT!
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