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List of parts for 800r:

1-new in package sled wrap, no tunnel wrap (SLEDWRAPS Brand $300 WHEN NEW)
1- brand new 383 belt ($80 WHEN NEW)
1-just broke in 377 belt ($100 WHEN NEW)
1-pair front dual rate springs ( RED AND BLACK $245 WHEN NEW)
1-center shock dual rate spring (GRAY AND RED $115 WHEN NEW)
1-pair yellow front springs
3-bump stops for shocks (stock)
1-set boysen reeds (use 460,#15 pilot,start at 1 turn out on fuel screw go down to 1/2 turn max $260 WHEN NEW, still almost new)
1-temperature module for x-Pkg gauge ($100 WHEN NEW)
1-billet brake lever ($50 WHEN NEW)
1-BMP Y-pipe (Fresh paint $180 WHEN NEW)
1-set extra y-pipe bolts
1-BMP silencer (Fresh Paint $225 WHEN NEW)
1-27 tooth sprocket
1-Clutch shim kit (Partial, Missing 1 or two thin shims)
1-Billy howards stage 2 clutch kit ($200 WHEN BOUGHT USED)
1-extra billy howard spring
1-dalton clutch weight kit
1-set standard secondary rollers (Back ups)
3-standard primary rollers (back ups, 1 is bad)
3-sets of main jets (460 for boysens,470 without boysens,480 stock, could have gone with 450 with boysen if not to cold)
2-sets of pilots ( #15 for boysens )
2-rear wheels
3-misc rear axles and spacers (one bent)
1-4" riser
1-ski doo dash bag
1-rear snow flap with light (typical crack on edge drilled to stop)
1-08-11 secondary clutch tool
1-08-? Primary clutch puller

Might be a couple other things I'm forgetting?? The helix in the pic is stock and is not included and the box of studs and backers are not included otherwise everything else should be good to go. Installation Instructions and directions for just about everything including clutch kit and suspension set up from Monster. After seeing all this It makes me wonder what I'm doing selling my sled?? I will have to start all over haha!

I would like to sell EVERYTHING together for $750.00+ shipping ($2000.00+ new) if anyone is interested, otherwise I will want more if I have to piece it all out. I want to give it some time to find some one who would take it all, Then I will entertain offers for individual pieces. I hope this sounds fair to everyone. Thanks for looking I will include a pic of the Sled Wrap ( I had two one installed on the sled I sold and the other I never used), dual rate fronts, and a pic of the table full of parts


271 Posts
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Sorry guys all is SOLD. Thought I had posted this. Thanks for the interest!
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