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Looking at a Back Country with an upgraded track

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Sure you`re going to be able to afford it after buying all those plasma TVs
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some guy on snow west put a 800ho in a tundra

some guy on here but a tripple in a freestyle
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This thing is light! My 100lb. son could pick the front of the sled up two feet off the floor like it was nothing. He had no problem rocking the sled back and forth and lifting the skis off the floor.

For $7999 I can get it out the door.

It would include:
Cover Package with extra belt, plugs, and oil.
Freestyle Bag (35 liter)
Full Body Skid plates
A-Arm Guards
Bee Decals
Medium Yellow windshield
and the Summit 16x136x1.75 track upgrade

This package will out climb and out run the 550fan summits. It 20lbs lighter than the MXZ-550-X and 50lbs lighter than the 550 Summits.

People who buy a Yamaha Phazer over the Ski-doo Freestyle are not thinking wisely.

The motor in the Ski-doo Freestyle Backcountry has 85HP and weighs 415lbs. (Power to weight clear winner!)
Yamaha Fhazer FX has 80HP and weighs 487lbs.

Not only is the Freestyle easier to throw around, it has superior floatation and traction. There is no comparing a 16x136 to a 14x121. That 30% more floatation and ski lifting traction with more power and less weight.

The Back Country I'm thinking about getting for the kids look like this but with a better track. Just imagine if they were to put an 800R engine in it???

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I too think that would be a pretty fun ride. I predicted last season that we'd see an interesting development in the Freestyle line this year, I'm still thinking that there'll be an 800R in that chassis soon...
Your kids are everything. Talk nice to the wife and then watch the kid's eyes light up when they see their new ride! It will be worth it.
I didn't realize how much better the weight to hp was between the two. That seems like a lot of money for that much horse power. Seems like a great package though...

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