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Looking at 01 mxz 800

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One of the women in my club has an 01 MXZ 800 with around 2,000 miles it has been well taken care of.Her bottom line price is $2800.00 that seems like a good price?
Is there any issues with this motor i seam to remember a possible bad PTO seal pushing out on these?Anything else that goes bad with this engine?
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I have a 2001 MXZ 800 and the first thing i suggest about this sled is change the rings to the new Ski Doo H.O. rings which are chrome and second or all a good clutch kit will bring that sled to life even if you aren't going all out with the sled it's a great upgrade because the stock clutch setup stinks. Good Luck
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check to see that the factory piston up-date has been installed. I think your dealer can look up the serial # and tell. Also check the carb boots to see if they are de-laminating. Other than that, should be a solid sled if in good condition.
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